Specialising in executive mindset coaching and senior professional development, I offer unique strategies for experienced professionals seeking meaningful career
advancements and 
life changes.


My coaching combines three essential elements:

Mindset mastery : we work on changing the way you think to help you grow. We reframe past experiences in a way that feels less negative, making you feel excited again about aiming higher and achieving more in your career.

Motivating action plans :  we create clear action plans that are both strategic and enjoyable for you. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your goal.

Your spiritual belief or personal values : lean into your own spiritual or personal beliefs, and draw strength from them, not just your mind. Whether you find inspiration in the Universe, a higher power, or your inner wisdom, this element is about building resilience, optimism, and a mindset ready to recognise and seize opportunities.

I'll give you everything need to get in action and NOT GIVE UP until you achieve your goal.  

I offer tiered, class-equitable, pay-what-supports-you pricing.

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I'll make it fun and easy. I will give you the tools. So you can realise your potential and be truly happy.

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