How long does it take to change jobs or careers? Here's the answer.

People want some kind of guarantee they’ll get their dream job or make that move successfully before they even start. The good news is that a guarantee is possible. Because it is in your control.

Change career

How to make the right decision 

Helpful questions to help you figure out what you want and how to feel good about every decision you have to make.

how to make the right decision

How to solve for "I don’t want to do this job anymore"

Here's a step by step process to move your thinking from vague but strong frustration to actionable steps you can start working on right away.

How to negotiate your first 6-figure salary

Here is a strategy - with some concrete examples- because I have seen it work with a lot of my clients and I think you’ll find it valuable.


The secret to interviews for senior positions

The higher the position you're going for, the more likely it is that your interviews will be focused on telling people about yourself and how you work, rather than your skills and competencies. Here's what to do.

how to interview for senior positions

How to stop taking rejection personally 

Here's how to think of  in a way that moves you forward, not in a way that makes you give up.

how to stop taking rejection personally

What to do when you feel stuck in your career

The underlying boredom or frustration you feel has a reason. In order to be able to do something concrete about it, you have to understand exactly what is causing it. Here's how.

what to do when you feel stuck

How to turn self-doubt into a strength

I’m going to outline here a simple four-step process designed to turn your self-doubt into a tool for remarkable growth and success.

turn self-doubt into strength

How to navigate the emotions of career transition

If you're overwhelmed by contradictory emotions, it's perfectly normal. Here are some things you can do to manage the situation.

Manage emotions during career transition

Leadership essentials: how to be emotionally intelligent

You may have heard that good leaders are emotionally intelligent, but what does that mean? And how do you develop that?

Emotional intelligence

How to network when you hate networking 

It seems like everybody tells you how important it is to network, and also tells you how much they hate it. The paradox is striking. So how can you do it in a way that's enjoyable?

how to enjoy networking

Two things to help you achieve any goal

If you find yourself procrastinating and losing energy to pursue your goal, there are two very simple things you can do. They will keep you going when you lose motivation, when you doubt yourself, when you’re about to give up.

how to achieve any goal

How to stop overthinking

If you find yourself replaying over and over in your head an event or a conversation and you can’t seem to be able to stop it, I’ve got the solution for you.

How to stop overthinking

Want to get a promotion but worry you might not get it?

When you’re aching to put yourself forward for a promotion, your mind might be swirling up with both exciting and worrying thoughts. Most of them unhelpful. Here's what to do:

how to get a promotion

How to stay motivated when you hate your job

If you’re feeling rather negative about your job and you are looking for ways to make this work for you, here are a few ideas you can try.

how to stay motivated when you hate your job

5 key ingredients to achieve your goals

I’ve experimented with goals for several years now. Finally landed on a way of setting goals that works for me and keeps me motivated.  Here are the 5 ingredients that help.

how to achieve your goals

Goal hack: plan for moments that suck

When you set bigger goals, bigger actions are required.  Bigger actions involve bigger risk and more rejection. Moments that suck. Here's what to do so they don't stop you.

plan for difficult moments

Tired and discouraged of working on your goal? This will help

Whether you have a small goal or a big one, there is usually a point when you start thinking that it’s just not working. Here are a few things to keep you going:

How to keep going when you're discouraged

How to set a goal you can stay motivated to achieve

Most people have something missing, something they think is wrong, and set goals to fix that. When they don't achieve the goal, they feel worse. Here's a better way of setting goals.

Set a goal and stay motivated

What do you REALLY want? Here's how to find out

You may think you have figured out the missing ingredient in your happiness recipe. But have you looked deep enough? Here's a question to find out.

how to find out what you really want

If you're stuck, define the problem. Here's how:

When we feel stuck and unable to make a decision, we find ways to cope with feeling stuck. So we usually try to solve the problem of how we feel. Instead, consider defining more clearly what problem you are trying to solve. 

How to solve the real problem

Drained? Overwhelmed? Here is a simple solution

Your commitment to your goals and dreams will push you to do more and more, until you burn out. So if you’re feeling the impact of that, I have the answer for you.

The solution to overwhelm

How to stop avoiding difficult tasks

What you are actually avoiding is not the task itself, but how you think it will make you feel. Here's what you can do.

How to stop avoiding difficult tasks

Decide.  Act. Confidence will follow.

Confidence. Decisions. Actions. They don’t come in that order, even though you might be tempted to believe so. 

Decide. Act. Confidence will follow

You're free to choose what you do (and change as often as you want)

I am sharing all this so you don’t get too hung up on finding one purpose, and one thing to do, for the rest of your life.

Purpose - and what you do- can change

How to be uncomfortable - and get what you want

How do you get uncomfortable in a way that moves you forward towards your goals- as opposed to pushing and bullying yourself, people pleasing and getting nothing?

Get uncomfortable to get what you want

How to create results faster

The temptation is to stop doing something if it doesn’t work right away. Here is another way to look at the situation so you can create results faster.

Create results faster

How to get over perfectionism

There is no way that you can become good at something without doing it badly. So here is a prompt to help you manage your mind while you get started.

Overcome perfectionism

How to become successful

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and about what I consider to be the key ingredients for success. Here are the five things you need to become successful.

ingredients for success

Too much time on your hands? Too much guilt about it?

It may appear that one of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurship is having too much to do, but the reality is that a lot of solopreneurs find themselves with too much time on their hands, paralysed in inaction. Here's what to do.

too much time?

Is lack of time a problem? Here’s the solution

In reality, our challenge is not time but the things we choose to do. The reason this is a challenge is because it would mean making some decisions that feel confronting.

not enough time?

The # 1 tool that made the biggest difference to me and my clients

There is one tool, incredibly simple, that I genuinely think can make the biggest difference, whatever challenge you have. When you are angry with someone. When you don’t feel good enough. When everything seems so shit you think you’ll never see any light and joy again. 

This tool makes all the difference

How to deal with the voice in your head
If you don’t manage the voice in your head, it will start managing you. It will take over. It will keep you stuck. Sometimes it may even keep you in what appears to be a perfectly content and safe place - and yet, something will be missing.

How to do hard things with ease

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