When you’re feeling impatient that it’s taking so long

Published on Dec 13, 2022

When you’re excited about your new idea, venture, plan, and you’re buzzing, you can feel hope and actions flowing out of you. You feel unstoppable.

Then you start getting impatient - surely the results should have appeared by now? 

Maybe you’ve been at it for a few months, even a couple of years. You have thoughts that maybe you don’t have what it takes. That it should have happened by now. 

You assume that because it’s been so slow until now, it will always be this slow. Our brains find it easy to jump to these easy conclusions - despite the fact that ebbs and flows don’t really work like that.

What you’re doing now is building momentum. Results don’t appear - until they do. 

And then they flood in. Then perhaps the rhythm slows down again.

It is not a straight, predictable line. It’s a line that requires you to manage your brain and your energy constantly. To show up constantly. To stay committed to whatever you are trying to achieve regardless of how quickly or slowly you see progress.

If you were guaranteed the results, would you be willing to put up with how slow they come in sometimes? 

If the answer is yes, then the only thing that makes you impatient now is your mind expecting something else.

So your job is to manage your mind, to accept that it takes as long as it takes, and not give up.

And when results start showing up, it will seem like it’s out of the blue. It’s not. It’s out of all the work you’re doing now, the momentum you’re building, your faith even in the absence of evidence.

Keep going.



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