Feeling drained? Overwhelmed? Here’s a simple solution

Published on May 22, 2023

I’m looking at you, high-performer. And you, perfectionist,. You, high-achiever. You, new entrepreneur. You, side-gig and day job master juggler. 

Your commitment to your goals and dreams will push you to do more and more, until you burn out. So if you’re feeling the impact of that, I have the answer for you.

Consider that time is a finite resource (at least in this context, I will leave the more philosophical reflections for another time, even though I am actively engaging with those). If time is a finite resource, the more you want to do, the more likely you are to find yourself ‘against’ it. Trying to manage it. There are some great resources and tools out there for this purpose, some of which I also use.

But what else is there that we often ignore? 


That feeling you get when you are so involved in what you’re doing that time flies, you need no food, no water and, 10 hours later when you’re finished, you’re still buzzing and wanting to do more.

That feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that seems to have the ability to feed you and keep you going endlessly.

How can you harness more of that?

It’s simple:

1. Make a list of things and people that give you energy.

2. Make a list of things and people that drain you of energy

3. Spend more time on the former and get rid of the latter as much as possible

If you find yourself challenged by number 3 and the obvious solutions like ‘delegating’ or simply ‘not doing’ them, let’s talk. You most likely need some help in looking differently at those things and I can help with that.  Get in touch with me using the contact form below.



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