Turn wishful thinking into reality

Published on Sep 7, 2022

Wishful thinking is a waste of your time, energy and intellect. 

I wish I was that slim, had that job, that amount of money, that life - that’s you buffering. Because there is a difference between having a ‘why’, a dream, and wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking preys on your energy and abilities by giving you a flavour of what you’d like, what is possible, but keeps you in a place of believing it is not possible for you. You believe that, you day dream, you wish it…and do nothing.

But if you were to take that thing you wish for and declare it possible, something shifts.

You declare it possible and so you commit to making it possible.

You create a list of actions you can take to bring it to reality.

This is a power stance. This is you saying I am making it possible just by saying so and taking action towards it.

You will feel a surge of energy and creativity. But be aware this ebbs and flows. Being aware of it will help you prepare for the moments when your belief gets a bit shaky. When maybe the thing you want seems a bit less possible.

You need to stay in action. To replace belief with faith.

Faith in anything being possible for you because you say so.


Being in action towards your goal is the SINGLE most important thing. The ONLY thing that will get the results you want.

Wishful thinking is a waste of you. Your energy is best spent declaring that what you want is possible and being in action.

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