How to create results faster

Published on Dec 6, 2022

If you’ve set your heart on achieving something, chances are you are taking some action. At least in the beginning, when you’re full of energy, desire, hope, and ideas. 

Sometimes, you even take lots and lots of action. You do different things, more or less at the same time. 

Then, as your energy starts to dwindle and the results don’t materialise as quickly as you’d hoped, you slow down.

You start doubting your idea. You doubt yourself. You spend more time thinking, trying to figure out what to do, how to solve the problems that you think are causing your lack of results.

Your actions slow down. You spend more time in your head, solving problems theoretically.

You plan more, and do less. Procrastinate more, believe less. You focus on what isn’t working.

This is the surest way to delay results even further, even forever.

Instead, consider evaluating the actions you did take. The actions that moved you forward closer to your results, even if the results themselves have not materialised.

Don’t give up altogether on everything at once. Consider your actions. How long did you do them for? 

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What would you do differently?

The temptation is to stop doing something if it doesn’t work right away. But if you intentionally evaluate your actions, you can look for evidence of how they did work, tweak the things that didn’t work, and you remain in action towards your goals.



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