Decide.  Take actionConfidence will follow.

Published on Mar 21, 2023




They don’t come in that order, even though you might be tempted to believe so. You may think “if only I had the confidence, then I could decide to do this thing I really want”.

But confidence comes from doing. From deciding and getting into action.

The more decisions you make, the more you trust yourself to make decisions.

The more decisions you make, the more action you take to support that decision is therefore make it be the right decision.

The more action you take, the more results you see.

The more results you see, the more confident you are that you can create results.

It’s a beautiful and virtuous circle. Unlike the vicious one where you are stuck not feeling confident, therefore not making decisions, and not taking action.When you don’t let your negative thoughts and feelings run the show, magic happens. 

Because you are not your thoughts, and you are not your feelings.  Even when your brain tries to convince you otherwise.

You can take action when you feel uncomfortable, when you feel down, when you feel unsure. And no, I don’t mean push yourself to do things you don’t want. I mean take action towards what you are committed to achieving.

A new job?

A new career?

A new business?

A new client?

Making a difference to someone?

Creating impact in your organisation?

Feeling that your work has meaning?

Teaching your kids that fear should not stop them from doing what makes them happy?

What are you committed to?

Figure that out. Then get to work.

And if you need help making decisions, taking consistent action and rebuilding your confidence, I can help. Get in touch via the contact form.

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