Goal hack: plan for moments that suck

Published on September 1, 2023

When you set bigger goals, bigger actions are required.

Bigger actions involve bigger risk and more possibility of rejection. 

So as you plan for your goals, ask myself: what am I willing to do and feel?

With bigger actions and bigger goals, stronger emotions will come up. More satisfaction, probably, but also more disappointment, sadness, frustration, despair. 

As these emotions come up - and they inevitably will - they will be normal. You would have planned for them.

You would have planned to feel shit sometimes. And as it’s planned, it means you're on track.  Your plan is working. No need to stop or give up, because the plan is working.

If you did this, how would your plan shape up?

If you planned for a career change and took actions to make it happen, what emotions would you expect? 

If you were making a big life move, what emotions would you expect? 

It really helps to include them in your plan, normalise them, feel them, and stay in action.



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