What do you REALLY want?

Published on July 18, 2023

You know when you tell yourself you want something and how amazing it would be to have or be that?

I want to be more confident.

I want to be able to say things in meetings.

I want to have a life outside work.

I want to quit this role.

I wish I were more brave.

I want to have lots of money.

I want more clients.

I want my build my reputation.

That’s because you decided that’s the missing ingredient in your life- and if only you could have that, then everything will fall into place.

Now let me offer you a challenge. Answer this question:

What for?

Or, in other words:

What would you DO then?

This may reveal what you actually want. 

For instance, you may think that being more confident will help you get that promotion. Kind of makes sense, right?

Except confidence in itself is not a pre-requisite for anything. It’s not something you get first and then everything else falls into place.

It may be that what you need is to understand what drives you to want that promotion. What that promotion would give you. Then making a plan of action that will get you the promotion, which could include: being able to speak up in meetings clearly and often; putting forward your ideas; finding new ways to support your team mates; putting yourself forward to new projects; etc.

These are the actions that not only will make you more visible, but will also make you feel confident. The promotion will follow as a result of what you do, and who you are while being in action and in service of others.

So ask yourself: WHAT FOR? WHAT WOULD YOU DO WHEN (you get the thing/you become how you think you want to be?)



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