Tired and discouraged of working on your goal? This will help

Published on August 15, 2023

Whether you have a small goal or a big one, there is usually a point when you start thinking that it’s just not working. 

The results you wanted are not materialising. You are losing hope and motivation. You are slowing down. Considering giving up. And, of course, criticising and doubting yourself for not being able to get the results you want.

Here are a few things to keep you going:

1. You are not the only one working on your goal. It is not just up to you.

If you’re spiritual, consider that God/Universe/your Higher Power is always working alongside you. If you’re less spiritually inclined, you’ll be surprised how many people are also on your side, being your ambassadors, putting in a good word, opening a door here and there, mentioning you. You just have to tell them what you’re up to. Whether you’re looking to pivot your career, open a business, get more clients, get funding for your start-up, buy a house, etc. Any goal, really.

2. It feels hard at first. Even impossible. But if you keep going, one tiny action at a time, eventually you will create momentum.

So then it’s not just you, taking all the action and hoping it works. The momentum of all the actions you’ve taken so far will develop a power of its own. Momentum will be on your side. You just need to be willing to keep going until you realise that it’s working with you, and for you.

For example, if you are doing a career pivot, the more you’re willing to keep telling people, talking to recruiters, exploring ideas, networking, enquiring, speaking up, getting over your fear of rejection, building the mindset, the more you will see how doing ALL those things creates momentum until a point where people start asking you if you’d be interested in this opportunity here, whether you considered this idea there, whether this role would be something you’d like, whether you want an introduction to this interesting person over here…

3. There is a formula for creating momentum, would you believe it?:)

Dave Ramsey came up with this: Fi/T(G) = M

Fi = Focused intensity


G = God

I prefer Michael Neil’s interpretation of Fi as Focused Intention.

So Focused Intention/Time x God + Momentum

If you focus your intention over a long period of time, you will accomplish most goals, even if you don’t have a spiritual belief in God/Universe/a Higher Power, though Michael Neil argues (and I agree, from experience) that momentum may or may not happen. 

But if you can do your bit, take the action you can, constantly, and for long enough, while leaning into your faith, “magic” happens. Momentum.

The point of ALL this is to say: keep going. Lean into whatever helps you keep going with love for yourself and your goal - I specifically say this because I don’t believe that berating and pushing yourself will achieve the results you want.

Think of your goal. Take action. Be patient. It’s working. Keep working.

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