If you’re feeling stuck, define the problem. Here’s how:

Published on June 13, 2023

When we feel stuck and unable to make a decision, we find ways to cope with feeling stuck. 

What we usually try to solve for is our feelings: e.g. I feel down so I must do something to feel better. Which can work sometimes but what you’re dealing with is the symptoms of the problem, rather than the cause. Eating ice cream, meeting friends, watching Netflix can all be good and quick fixes for the symptoms. 

Instead, consider defining more clearly what problem you are trying to solve. 

What makes you feel down? The first response might be a circumstance: my boss, my partner, lack of money, the mortgage, the business, etc. For me, right now, it’s my business.

 Now dig deeper: what specifically about that circumstance makes you feel down? For me, right now, is feeling lonely and like I am not doing enough of the work I love doing (which is coaching), but doing a lot of the work I ‘have to’ do (admin, managing my mindset and my energy, marketing, etc.)

You might come up with a list of problems and it’s worth separating them. I’ve identified three separate ones: feeling lonely, not doing enough work I love, and doing a lot of the work I don’t love. When dealing with them together, the temptation would be to deal with all of them at once- it’s most likely the reason a lot of entrepreneurs give up early. 

But there can be different solutions for each problem, and you can solve for the problems you have without changing course. 

For instance, I could solve the problem of loneliness by getting a part time job; finding a co-working space; partnering up with someone, etc. There are numerous solutions that keep me on the path of entrepreneurship.

I could solve the problem of spending time on work I don’t love by delegating it; or by relating to it differently, as work that my business needs (and I don’t have to like); etc.

Now your turn: what has you feeling the way you do?

What specifically makes you feel that way?

Can you break it down into smaller, more specific problems? How can you solve them individually, step by step?

If you need help, let me know. It would solve your problem and would solve part of mine:) You can schedule a call with me using the contact for below.



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