Too much time on your hands? Too much guilt about it?

Published on Oct 31, 2022

‘Busy’ people will tell you that having too much time is a ‘nice problem to have’. Not exactly helpful when you’re already criticising yourself for not doing enough, being lazy, procrastinating. For not being able to figure out what exactly others are doing that keeps them not just super busy and important but also, seemingly, successful.

It may appear that one of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurship is having too much to do, but the reality is that a lot of solopreneurs find themselves with too much time on their hands, paralysed in inaction. 

Powerlessness, self-pity, and self-judgement come together in layer upon layer like a flaky croissant of despair.

When you can’t figure out what you ‘should’ do, you spend time researching and asking others. Maybe you even do a few of the things they suggest for a while. Then, slowly, in the absence of immediate results, you decide what you’re doing isn’t working so you look for something else. The secret answer to being busy doing the things that create results.

You may even start feeling sorry for yourself, and then immediately judge yourself for being weak and lazy. All the while, time keeps ticking by, your schedule empty, your energy drained, your despair growing, your commitment weakening. 

The way out of this is to reconnect with your dream, your desire. 

Why have you started on the path of entrepreneurship in the first place? What was your desire? What problem do you want to solve? Who do you want to help?

What actions do you need to take in order to create that dream? 

Your brain will default to “I don’t know”.

You might even get a bit annoyed reading this: “if I knew what to do, I would do it!”

That’s normal. And you can continue the self-inquiry with additional questions:

What do I know?

What have I tried?

How could I figure this out myself?

You may think you have to do lots of big things in order to become successful. In reality, what’s needed is a series of small steps, small actions, that you do every day. Even when you don’t see results right away. Especially when you don’t see results right away. Especially when your brain tells you what you’re doing isn’t working.

By staying connected to your desire, by remembering the problem you want to solve or the people you are trying to help, you are highly likely to come up with actions that are focused on that. Do those actions consistently. 

Take the focus off you, and put it onto the reason you started the journey. Get in action towards that.

Solopreneurship requires you to manage your time, your energy, and your mind constantly in order to get the results you want. If you feel challenged with either of those, or if you just can't seem to figure out what to do, I can help.  Book a call using the 'get in touch' button below.



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